Meripodct 16×07: Does MGS3 return remake? Are there too many? Henry Cavill leaves The Witcher; COD and Callisto Protocol

It is festive, but the Meripodct does not rest. The program returns another week with a chapter full of content , in which we will listen to the voices of the editors of Meditation Alejandro Ctillo, Pedro Herrera and Roberto Barrage. Driven by Born Duet, this episode 7 of seon 16 collects the news and the hottest debates of recent days.

usual, we start with the headlines section: will Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Ps service upload in the future? Phil Spencer h dropped it. The march of the founders of Rock steady , the creators of Batman: Arkham, not to mention the job offer that points to the multiplayer of The Lt of Us Part 2 may be free-to be free-Play.

This week’s debate focuses on remakes, since it is speculated on the possibility that Virtues is developing a remote version of Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater. Are there too many? It looks like a very than 2010 debate, but the truth is that it is still one of the most recurring discussions.

In the section of the games of the week we have Callisto Protocol and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Mere+ we reserve it for the goodbye of Henry Cavill of The Witcher and his return Superman to the DC universe. if that were not enough, we comment Tales of The Jedi, the Disney++Animation Short Film series. Plus? Microfiber for all listeners and spectators and a review of what we are playing.

all the contents of Meripodct 16×07


  • 00:00 Start and presentation of Meripodct


  • 5:45 Xbox and Game Ps will rise in price?
  • 11:35 The founded Rock steady (Batman: Arkham) leave
  • 17:49 The multiplayer game of The Lt of Us will be free-to-play?
  • 31:25 God of War Ragnarök is sold ahead of time and there are already spoilers


  • 39:37 Debate, are too many remakes to the market?

The games of the week

  • 1:11:06 First impressions of The Callisto Protocol with Alejandro Ctillo

1:23:13 First Impression of COD: Modern Warfare 2 with Alejandro Ctillo and Robe Barrage.


  • 1:34:19 Henry Cavill says goodbye to The Witcher and returns like Superman
  • 1:50:34 Tales of the Jedi

Meripodct final

  • 1:57:33 Microbe
  • 2:15:18 What have we been playing
  • 2:19:50 Farewell

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