The asymmetrical PvP horror in which the devil crawls around the wall and the ceiling and the monster exorcism corps collide -freshly harvested! Todays Steams Featured Game 9 Selections [October 31, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is within 3 days after early access and official release and The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular) . Introducing all the target works that have been harvested regardless of! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Ladies | GLADIATOR VR SWORD FIGHTING (early access graduation)

This is a VR sword fighting action game that becomes an ancient Roman sword fighter and wins various battles. There are various types of weapons, such as swords, bow, and shields, sometimes throwing them, picking up fallen weapons, and fighting freely. The audience also responds to the player’s actions and plays a splendid fighting, but if you fight boring, you will be thrown food. The game has a mode such as The Games, which aims to survive for seven days in Colossal, and ARENA, which challenges five challenges.

KOI 绮谭 绮谭 绮谭 真 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相 相

This is a Chinese love visual novel. The player will find the only true truth as public opinion and false information as a new hero who has come to Jo, and will choose either two girls. It has a beautiful illustration, a 400,000-character scenario, and a Chinese full voice, and it takes about 14 hours to read everything.

Made Retro: EXORCIST

This work is an asymmetric PVP horror game that can be unfolded by up to four people. The player is divided into a devil or a demon exorcism team. There are three classes: Priest, which calls and fights against the spirit, Medic, which uses potions to attack the devil, and engineer that makes full use of various equipment. The devil, on the other hand, crawls on the walls and ceilings, can freely move even the outer wall of the building, drag out exorcists, and destroy the wall with overwhelming power.

Army of Ruin

This is an inspired rogue-like shooting game, VAMPIRE SURVIVORS, which is now a big genre. Use a royal road RPG job such as warriors and wizards to welcome a horde of enemies. Each character has a unique active skill that changes the war situation, enhancing equipment and skills and can be customized freely. Equipment seems to be able to demonstrate synergy by combining the abilities and enhance the performance to the limit.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

It is the latest work of the Call of Duty series, and the sequel to Call of Duty Modern Warfare released in 2019 has finally started. In this work, unprecedented world-wide battles develop, and popular operators of Task Force 141 will appear again. In addition, we will introduce the latest play space, sandbox mode, and collaboration with the new War zone experience that evolves in battle royal, and aim to evolve gameplay by new maps, modes, season events, community commemorative distribution, etc. It is said that it will go.

Resident Evil Re: Bath

This is a 25th anniversary work in the series where various characters in the Resident Evil series gather. Up to six players collide and collect viruses scattered in the map, so that they can be mutated into creatures when defeated. Survivors include Chris of Resident Evil Village, Jill of Re: 3, and Creatures, 7 Jack Baker and Nemesis of Re: 3 participated. The stage will also appear on the stage of past works such as the Raccoon City Police Station and the Baker House. It also supports cross play and can be enjoyed beyond the boundaries of the platform.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

This is an edition that includes additional elements such as Winters Expansion, costumes, and in-game items, which are large LCS in Resident Evil Village. In Winters Expansion, THIRD PERSON MODE, where you can enjoy the main story while watching Ethan fighting from a TPS perspective, The Mercenaries Additional Orders, which has three unique operating characters, and Ethan’s beloved daughter Rose. The new scenario Shadows of Rose depicting after growth is included. Z Version, which is an expression equivalent to HERO rating Z, is also distributed at the same time.

Wasteland Express 废

This is a strategy game that adventures in a large truck in the Gobi Desert, which lasts forever. Various villages are dotted in the desert, and occasionally experience events. In the town, it is possible to undertake a job or remodel a car. Whatever the route from the departure to the goal, where to go, the player is free, and various experiences are waiting for the choice.

Star Ocean 6 The Divine Force

The Star Ocean series, set in the future where humanity has been in space since 1996, has started distribution. This work is an RPG that depicts the story of the magnificent star sea from the perspective of each hero, such as advanced civilization (SF) and unopened planets (fantasy). In addition to the world view and story that combines science fiction and fantasy, the double hero system since the second series has been revived.