Blade and soul

After the Elden Ring Apde, the Malennia can be rigid is reported. But its not easy

In Elden Ring , a great sword fighting technique has been greatly enhanced by the previous update. User reports have been reported that Valencia, one of the most powerful enemies, can rigid and unilaterally attack. However, it seems that simply hitting the tactics can still beat Maria.

Elden Ring is an action rpg designed by From Software. This work is a new work that includes many new elements, such as inheriting the game play of the studio past work, such as the Dark Soul series, but also moving to a vast open world. On the other hand, as in the past work, the battle, including boss battles, has been strictly adjusted. Among them, Mike’s blade, Maria is a strong boss frequently talked about. User reports have been posted on Reddit, saying that Maria has been able to attack unilaterally with a certain weapon.

Speaking of Maria, he has been buried many players many times, with a relentless and wide-range onslaught. According to the above reports, by using Lordosis’s Great Sword and its tactics Lordosis’s Whirlpool, the strong enemy Maria can be STOCK. If you look at the above videos, that Maria is unilaterally attacked and killed. However, the fact that this play was possible with Lordosis’s great sword/whirlpool seemed to be due to the significant enhancement due to the update of this work the other day.

Lordosis’s great sword/whirlpool was not a prominent and noted, with a certain performance as weapons and tactics. Especially for the vortex of the tactics Lordosis, the performance requires a long motion and rigidity, and the maximum power requires a tame time. The attack range was also narrow, and it was rather cool. However, Lordosis’s whirlpool has been greatly strengthened due to updates on October 13. The motion was faster, the stiffness after activation was reduced, and the power and the ease of shock were increased, and the position was fully enhanced.


Due to such enhancements, the performance of Lordosis’s whirlpool meshed with Maria’s behavior. Perhaps it was possible to seal as stiff. However, it seems that these tactics cannot be reproduced just by repeating the tactics. Among the videos, they use the tame stage as a combo that combines the deadly blow. The contributor also commented on this tactic, it is more difficult than it looks. It is reported that if the timing of the activation of Lordosis’s whirlpool shifts, Maria will fail without fear. Due to such difficulties, although it was successful in the first stage of the boss battle, the same tactics were not successful at the moment. After all, Maria is not straightforward.

For Elden Ring, many balance adjustments have been implemented. It will continue to be maintained in various ways. I don’t know how long this tactic is effective. If you are struggling with Maria, you may want to take a challenge by holding an Orders sword. In the same thread, there are reports that similar tactics are possible, including the second stage, even in the Holy Sword of Specious Sword/Fires. In addition, the update of the other day may also be compatible with the changing weapons and bosses. If you haven’t played this work yet, it would be fun to explore it.