Smilegate, Meta Bus Recruitment Center Open

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Smile gate announced on the 20th that it has begun to build and operate the Megabus recruitment officer to enhance recruitment and strengthen communication in the hiring process.

Smile gate opened ‘Smile gate Megabus Recruitment Center’ on September 26 through the web-based meta bus platform ‘ZEP’.

Smile gate Megabus recruitment officers include ▲ corporation, promotional video zone, IP (IP) exhibition zone, meeting room and auditorium. Jobseekers can check the hiring information and events in one stop.

The Metals recruitment officer has no space constraints, so it is possible to accommodate many employees during the recruitment event.

Smile gate held the Megabus recruitment officer on September 30 and October 7, two times, ‘2022 Winter Dev Camp’ Megabus briefing session.

Smile gate plans to use the Meta Bus recruitment officer in various ways in the future hiring process. It will provide customized spaces for each talented program such as career bonds, internships, and development camps, and will increase the immersion of participants.

Meanwhile, Smile gate has released ‘Robbie the Town’, which embodies the ‘lobby of all’, the first floor of the office building, and continues to promote the meaning and value of space. We are also preparing new meta buses related to experience-based experience-oriented experiences that can create free creation and social activities, including gameplay.

Smile gate talent recruitment manager said, We have expanded our contact with jobseekers by operating the Meta Bus recruitment officer, which will be a great help in recruiting excellent talent in the medium and long term. We will be fostered as a core window that is responsible for one axis.