Konami confirms the Silent Hill 2 remake and three franchise projects

INAMI has published its Silent Hill Transmission A little time ago and, as they effectively announced a couple of days ago, it has served to give new information about the future of the franchise. All those rumors that came from VGC that involved Blooper Team and Annapurna , with the ads of the remake of Silent Hill 2 , Silent Hill: Downfall , , , *Silent Hill: Ascension and Silent Hill F .

Outside our industry, Return To Silent Hill, a new film based on Silent Hill 2 and directed by Christophe Fans, has also been presented, the truth is that there has been no news about the filtering Silent Hill: The Short Message, so we will see if it is the name of some demo of those mentioned.


Here we leave you the trailer of all the games with how little we know at the time of each one:

Silent Hill 2 remake, Blooper Team, for PS5 and Steam

It is also confirmed that Blooper Team is working on the remake of Silent Hill 2 . The responsible study of The Medium and Layers of Fear will take this classic to PlayStation 5 and Steam on a date still to announce, although it already has its own page in the Valve store. It will be exclusive to the PlayStation console temporarily up to a year later, when you can also leave Xbox Series X | s.

We know that Mahavira Ito and Akira Bazooka are involved in the project, and that it will have a new style of music and sound design, in addition to a camera on the shoulder to adapt to modern playability, also in their combat system. In the PlayStation blog they tell us that, of course, it will have compatibility with the 3D audio and with the Dual sense command, in addition to confirming that we will not find any load screen. Here you can take a look at all the details.

Silent Hill: Annapurna Downfall, developed by No Code

Annapurna Interactive , indeed, will publish a new title of the horror franchise, with the name of Silent Hill: Downfall . This project, co-produced with INAMI, is being developed by the non-Code Scottish study, responsible for Stories Untold and Observation. Taking into account that they already have experience with episodic titles, it would not be surprising to confirm the rumors that it would arrive by fascicles, although for now we do not know too much about it.

Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive experience that will come out in 2023

Silent Hill: Ascension has not revealed many details about how exactly will work, but we know that it is an interactive video experience in streaming in which users will make decisions collaboratively. The title, which already has its own active website, is being developed by Aeneid Entertainment , which are defined as the first publisher of history dedicated exclusively to producing interactive mass events live. This will come out in 2023.

Silent Hill F, a completely new story of those responsible for Re: See

Rumors continue to confirm with Silent Hill F , which seems to really mark the future of the Silent Hill saga. The script is responsible for Ryūkishi07 (Hiroshi no Baku Moro or, Mine no Baku Moro or), famous for his Japanese visual novels that deal with mysteries of murders, psychological terror and the supernatural. They tell us that this story, completely new, is set in Japan of the 1960s, and presents a beautiful but scary world.

The development is responsible for Neo boards Entertainment , the Taiwanese company that was behind Resident Evil Resistance and will launch in a weekly Resident Evil Re: Seeing. Its producer is the former Motor Nakamoto, who has worked on titles such as Pinyin or Luigi IS Mansion, so there is no doubt that he is familiar with terror.

Except in the case of Ascension, for the moment they have not revealed the launch windows of the projects.