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Rogue breaks EU week 2 curse at Globe Champion, protects win versus VCS champs

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Rogue efficiently exceeded GAM, preventing any type of opportunity of giving their challengers time to acquire momentum throughout the early phases of the game. Once more, the LEC champs followed their strategy towards success, showing not only individual skill but also great self-control within the team.

Regardless of the winning streak, Rogue have not locked in their area at the Globe Champion playoffs yet, however the following suit on stage could do it for them. Actually, GAM Esports will certainly handle the LPL representatives Leading Esports, as well as if they were to defeat them, it would mean quarterfinals for Rogue.

The VCS champions continued obtaining goals on the map, from the very first turret damaged to the 2nd drake generated, yet they were not able to locate the best moment to engage their opponents, thus leaving Rogue to enhance their stamina. Slowly yet certainly, Rogue got to the power spike of their make-up and penalized their challengers on every event, beginning from a crucial Baron battle that handed control of the map over to them.

Throughout the competition, Rogue had played at their own rate, preparing late-game scaling champions and keeping their challengers in check up until they were strong enough to squash their challengers. And also the very same approach was made use of against GAM today as Rogue composed many comforts chooses right into a scaling composition. Regardless of the pressure, GAM’s jungle put onto his opponent’s lanes and also forest, Rogue still took care of to match GAM’s gold lead many thanks to different turret plates conquered and also a substantial cs lead for Larsen in the mid-lane.

GAM’s technique functioned throughout the video game’s beginning, with Levi getting the first blood for his group and also the first drake also. Despite the stress, GAM’s jungle placed onto his challenger’s lanes and also jungle, Rogue still managed to match GAM’s gold lead thanks to different turret plates conquered as well as a significant cs lead for Larsen in the mid-lane. After some more altercations and also a crucial team fight for GAM, both teams were still even in gold fifteen minutes right into the game.


Throughout the competition, Rogue had dipped into their own pace, drafting late-game scaling champions and also maintaining their opponents in check up until they were solid enough to crush their opponents. As well as the very same strategy was used against GAM today as Rogue drafted many comforts chooses right into a scaling make-up. On the various other side, GAM concentrated on early-to-mid video game champions suggested snowballing early-game advantages into a win.

The LEC champions are undefeated in Group C of the League of Legends World Championship after their initial suit of the 2nd week of the group phase. In their game against GAM Esports, Rogue broke the momentum gained by the VCS champions and also closed the video game at their very own rhythm.