What is the star path in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dream light Valley is a magical adventure game in the genre of the simulator of life, in which players can unite with one of the best characters in Disney and restore the former glory of Dream light Valley. Explore, create and make friends with your favorite characters, revealing the story and secret of the world. There are many miracles on the topic of Disney that can be unlocked, from furniture for your home to design for your own handmade wardrobe. You can get a lot of funny prizes with stellar.

What is a star path in Disney Dream light Valley?

The star path is a set of available awards, very similar to a combat pass that changes about every month with several pages of funny thematic objects that can be collected from various Disney games. It is located under Event tab in your menu, where you can earn motives, furniture, clothes, lunar stones and much more. However, they can be unlocked only using Pixar Points.

How to make money Pixar glasses in the Dream light Valley

To unlock special prizes on the star path, you will need to collect a currency called Pixar Points, symbolized by a star circle next to your lunar stones. To earn Pixar points, you will need to perform tasks such as Dream light tasks. You can find a list of tasks in the event section, responsibilities tab on the left side of the screen. Having completed the task, return to the menu to collect points and use them to exchange for funny prizes. You can also instantly exchange your lunar stones for Pixar points, which will simplify the receipt of the desired prizes without unnecessary trouble.

Do not miss the opportunity to get these unique thematic awards on the star path. Follow new receipts every month and complete tasks to earn Pixar points. You only have until the end of the month to get all the prizes that you want before they are replaced by new ones.

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