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Street Fighter 6 and its new loading screens will fall in love with any fan of fighting games

We have already forgotten any affront that Cap com h been able to commit in the pt in relation to Street Fighter. The company is doing so many things that we have done blur and new account . The next installment of the saga, the brand new Street Fighter 6, continues to add pajam and details with which, why lie, every day we have our hearts more stolen. The one we bring you today h to do with the clsic load screen that appears before each fight. A screen that is determined to say Goodbye to monotony .

From now on, Street Fighter 6 will leave us Customize the load screen Combining all kinds of colors, effects and images of the different characters. So that there are no two. To surprise our adversaries and hopefully cause them a laugh that makes themdownload their guard * at the beginning of the fight. Eye at the first glance to this unpublished feature in the saga.

A bullshit? Maybe. But bed on bullshit, Street Fighter 6 begins to be Everything we dream of . And not only franchise fans, but of gender. The game h confirmed to have Rollback Net code and Cross Play, will have 18 output characters (eye to the ce of FEI Long, vetoed by the family of Bruce Lee) and its combat system, the Drive System, seems to combine what better of previous deliveries ( of the Parry of Street Fighter III to the Focus Attack of Street Fight IV ). He also looks like before thanks to Resident Evil’s graphic engine, his renewed History mode and a bean reminiscent of the NBA 2K parks. Seeing is believing.


The Taken and Mortal Kombat reaction

Planned For 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC , Street Fighter 6 h meant such earthquake in the genre that even their rivals have been forced to react. A few months ago we had the spectacular announcement of Taken 8 and Ed Boom, creator of Mortal Kombat, h promised to have a bud an ad to the height for the 30th anniversary of the saga (1992-2022). Good times are coming for fans of the fight.