A penalty of 1.5 billion euros is enforced on Google for troubles connected to antitrust adsense regulations

That year, Google forbade website authors from placing statements for an additional search engine in their very own search results, which just left Google statements as the only practical alternative. Google has taken measures to avoid sites from websites from utilizing various other marketers, however on the other hand, Google provides its individualized search engines for complimentary as well as advertising is its only income.

In spite of this, Kent Walker, of Google, claimed that Google as well as the European Union have actually agreed that healthy and balanced as well as flourishing markets are in the passion of all.

This is not the very first time that Google has come across problems with governing bodies in Europe. They have actually already received a fine of $2.7 billion for Google Buying and an also heavier fine of $5 billion for Android. Despite this, Kent Walker, of Google, said that Google as well as the European Union have actually agreed that healthy and balanced and also prospering markets are in the passion of all. It will certainly be interesting to see what will certainly be the consequences of this continuous penalty on Google in the European Union.

The penalty of 1,494,459,000 euros represents only 1.29% of Google’s turn over in 2018. Google has taken actions to avoid websites from using other marketers, but on the various other hand, Google supplies its customized search engines for totally free and also advertising is its only earnings.


The central point of the problem depends on search engines on which Google has actually integrated paper or blog site internet sites. Utilizing this info, Google evaluated the search engine result as well as provided the suitable news. The European Compensation calls AdSense, an advertising intermediation system for on-line study for the Google search engine. It needs to be noted that Google holds even more than 70% of market share in the field of European Economic Area (EEE). Apart from that, Google holds a share of 90%, that makes it the largest gamer in Europe.

Just when we assumed that the situation in between Google and also the European Union stabilized, another battle damaged out as well as Google had to pay 1.5 billion euros for damaging the antitrust rules of the European Union concerning AdSense.

The primary problem of the European Union with regard to AdSense is that it prevents competitors, such as Yahoo or Microsoft, from marketing advertising space on Google’s search engine result on their website. This would certainly be a necessary point of entrance for all Google rivals in order to produce their very own tailored search engines on news as well as blog websites. As early as 2006, Google also took steps to avoid this. That year, Google restricted internet site authors from positioning statements for another internet search engine in their own search engine result, which only left Google announcements as the only sensible choice. Three years later, in 2009, Google consisted of the costs positioning stipulation in the agreement with websites publishers, which likewise prevented rivals from putting their research ads in one of the most noticeable parts of the search engine result of the websites Internet.