New details about Silent Hills third movie

It seems that Silent Hill is not only preparing his return to the video game industry. It has long been confirmed that a third film of this property was already in development. Although for the moment many details are unknown, recently it was revealed what will be the main inspirations for this project.

Christophe Fans, who led the first Silent Hill movie, and is also in charge of this new incursion on the big screen, had a conversation with Stevie McGregor, a Reddit user, during a film festival held in France. It was here where Fans revealed that Silent Hill’s next project is inspired by films such as Midsummer and it follows .


Along with this, the director mentioned that Silent Hill is a metaphysical experience, so it seems that the project of him would take inspiration from games such as silent Hill 2 and _Homecoming. Finally, Fans said that they are already looking for locations in Serbia to record, and the tape is expected to be available at some point in 2023, although at the moment there are no official details on this last point.

Unfortunately, At the moment there are no more details . In related issues, registration indicates that a new Silent Hill game will arrive shortly. Similarly, an alleged remake of silent Hill 2.