Dice reveals the end of updates for Celebrity Wars Battlefront 2

The contemporary resurrection of the Star Wars Battlefront collection was a mix of emotions generally. While the basic gameplay was pleasurable as well as generally clear, both titles were afflicted by substantial amounts of microtransactions and paid to win auto mechanics. Many fans condemned ea instead of Dice for this.

Dice did not mention what the future of the Battlefront collection will certainly look like. Dice and also EA will certainly discover it tough to reconquer millions of seasoned fans after the Field of battle 5 fiascoes.

DICE has simply announced that they will no longer bring anything brand-new to Star Wars Battlefront 2 after the launch of the Fight of Scarf upgrade tomorrow. It appears that DICE will concentrate totally on the Battlefield game which they have intended for 2021. Dice as well as EA will certainly locate it hard to reconquer millions of seasoned followers after the Combat zone 5 debacles.

DICE has actually just revealed that they will no much longer bring anything new to Celebrity Wars Battlefront 2 after the launch of the Fight of Scarf update tomorrow. It is just the other day that Dice declared that they would no more support Field of battle 5 either. It seems that dice will certainly concentrate totally on the Battlefield video game which they have actually prepared for 2021. General maintenance is going no place, but do not expect to see new web content in the future.

Celebrity Wars Battlefront 2 is offered on PS4, Computer and also Xbox One.

The Battle of Scarf update will certainly add some brand-new fascinating attributes such as a brand-new tropical card to eliminate. With 2 brand-new heroes, Rey and Kylo Ren from The Increase of Skywalker. This remains in no situation going to upset the video game, yet it is a nice touch.