How to create an armor carried away by the wind in Final Fantasy XIV

If you are looking for the opportunity to improve the armor of your Chico, you came to the right place. Despite the fact that the armor carried away by the wind will not change the characteristics of your Chico, this stylish armor will perfectly fit into your reservation collection. Below we will tell in detail what will be required to create it.


Final Fantasy XIV-Making wind-winged armor

The armor carried away by the wind can be obtained in two ways: create or get after a battle with barbaric. If you decide to create a boarding, this will require the following ingredients:

  • 3 clusters of the Earth
  • 3 cluster End
  • 1 pearl of winds
  • 2 gold silk
  • 1 leather aminodon
  • 2 chondroitin ingots

For the manufacture of bard, the master of the X is also required. In other words, the boarding should be made by a tanner of the 90th level or higher.

Another way to get a respect carried away by the wind is to defeat the barbarism in crown of the storm trial (extreme version). If you are lucky enough to get a craft material after winning the boss, you can make armor repeating the style of a defeated enemy. In this case, armor carried away by the wind will be an armor reminiscent of the style of barbaric. The necessary materials should also be available on the market if you cannot get a drop in battle.

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