LOL: The best game champion that can only master the games for 25 seconds

When we think about which is the best League of Legends champion, mostly varied characters are coming to our heads. Perhaps we are one of those who opt for the ones that shine the most in the professional scene or perhaps have a predilection for those who offer the best results in qualifiers. What is clear is that the name of Singed would not be one of the first to appear in the pools. However, we are likely to be making an error. At least at a mathematical level, the champion is the most powerful by far.

The most expensive ability of League of Legends

The secret that makes Singed the undisputed most powerful champion of League of Legends is in his final. Once he rises the three levels of rigor, when squeezes the R wins 100 points in all its statistics except for the attack damage during the subsequent 25 seconds. Not bad to be a skill whose functioning is barely known for most players. However, it is the equivalent of the character would go to the store to spend about 8,000 gold. The equivalent of just over two and a half objects.

No other member of the League of Legends characters has access to a similar improvement in his skills kit. This is also something very interesting from a champions design perspective since, although it is one of the best definitive ones in the game we look where we look at it , it is also among the most boring. After all, we are talking about the first champion created by developers and a skill that has never changed the basic aspects of its operation. An example that something simple is not necessarily bad.

As for the single performance in general terms, the truth is that he also has been one of the heroes that offers the best results of the entire video game. Since the last patch that we have records (12.2) he has won more than 53% of the items, passing only a small bump after the durability update. Despite this, it does not seem that Riot Games intends to change it, being one of the best League of Legends characters if we want to increase our MMR in the long term.