How does the salvation service of prisoners in Modern Warfare 2 work?

Prisoner Rescue is a new mode, first implemented in the beta version of Modern Warfare 2, and then released with a military shooter in October 2022. Players familiar with CS: Go, and its hostage mode should be comfortable with Prisoner Rescue. Here is a brief presentation of how it works, and some tips on how to turn matches in your favor.

tips and recommendations for saving prisoners in Modern Warfare 2

Prisoner Rescue has two teams: attacking and defenders. Each round has two prisoners. One team should save prisoners, while another team should prevent this. Of course, the destruction of the entire enemy team is also possible. The team wins that scored 500 points.

System of rescue points of prisoners

  • The prisoner was saved: 100 points
  • Destroyed the enemy team: 100 points

* Destruction of the attacker with prisoners: 50 points

With two teams, six people are very important to stay together. The traditional run and shoot mentality will not work here, since the players are not revived and should be revived. Thus, if your team is divided, it is much easier to lose individuality and lose the round. So, stay together, revive your teammates and play wisely.

Another thing that should be taken into account is that as an attacker with a hostage you cannot run or use the main weapon. This means that you are reduced to a pistol or fist. In contrast to this, the attacker with the prisoner disappears from the radar and receives the equivalent of a personal UAV to track enemies. So, although we advise a slow and measured gameplay, we saw where a hurry with a prisoner and his quick extraction can pay off.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ready-made communication team. Due to the toxic nature of the group chat with random people, many people simply turn off the sound of all other players. In mode, which is highly dependent on teamwork, this can seriously complicate the ability of the team to work with each other. As in the case of Osiris tests in Destiny 2, if the finished game is in the lobby and in touch, they will have a significant advantage.

The salvation of prisoners is not suitable for everyone, but this does not detract from his vitality as a regime. This is a great change in pace compared to the standard Team Deathwatch, since it requires a cooperative and strategic gaming process. It is a pity that because of the reputation of the community, playing solo warriors will be much more difficult.

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