At the derby in Stuttgart there are 73 objectives

The most safe shooter in the team of trainer Sebastian Hinge were captain Patrick Gretzky, Benjamin He lander and also Hall Ganja each. The exact same yield tape-recorded at the TVB Adam Long.

TVB Stuttgart-Rhein-Neckar Lower 30:43 (16:21).

Gates for Hamm-Westfalen: Saves 6, Wailing 6, by Boeing 5, Hermann 4, Borowski 4, Bauer 2, Pa trail 1, Schulz 1.
Tore for Erlangen: Michel 8, Bessel 5, Model 5, Lesson 5, Gender 3, S. Inhaler 2, Olsson 2, Billows 1, Steiner 1.

Referee: Suresh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach)/ Ramesh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach).
audience: 2086.
Crook minutes: 6/4.
Disqualification: -/-.

ASV Hamm-Westfalen-HC Erlangen 29:32 (15:20).

The Rhein-Neckar Lower and also HC Erlangen are amongst the favorable shocks of the young period. Both groups still have a white vest after the fourth match day. The lions came to the fourth success at TVB Stuttgart with a sovereign 43:30 (21:16) at TVB Stuttgart in addition to the Middle Franconia, which prevailed at 32:29 (20:15).

In the Westphalian Hamm, the guest group of trainer Raul Alonso sat down a little with a 4-0 flash begin and also had the ability to maintain the lead over the whole season. Erlangen never served seriously as well as had his finest thrower in the circuit jogger Tim Michel (8 goals), each met Nico Model, Christopher Bessel and also Simon Lesson 5 times. Hamm Tim Waling and Saves concerned six objectives each. The hosts likewise wait for their first point after their 4th video game in the upper house.

The hosts also wait for their initial point after their fourth video game in the top house.

Tore for Stuttgart: Long 7, Janusz 6, Fernandez 5, Pfattheicher 5, Forster 2, M. Hefner 2, Viewer 2/1, Rothenberger 1.
Gates for the lions: Gretzky 7, He lander 7, Ganja 7, Lagergren 6, Knorr 5/3, Mosbacher 5, Extra 3, For sell Schubert 1, Gílson 1, Kirkelökke 1.
Umpire: Jannie Otto (Kiel)/ Raphael Piper (Kiel).
audience: 3779.
Bad guy minutes: 4/4.
Disqualification: -/-.

On Sunday, nevertheless, document champ THW Kiel in Minded and Master SC Magdeburg in Göttingen can pass both leading teams with success.

The same yield videotaped at the TVB Adam Long.

Both groups still have a white vest after the 4th match day. The lions came to the 4th success at TVB Stuttgart through a sovereign 43:30 (21:16) at TVB Stuttgart as well as the Middle Franconia, which dominated at 32:29 (20:15).