8 best types of weapons for the early game that can be unlocked in Splatoon 3

Splat on 3 is a dynamic multiplayer regime in which you must focus on covering the Earth with the ink of your team and repel the attack of the enemy team. It can be difficult for a beginner to choose one of many types of weapons. We have compiled a list of the best weapons for beginners in Platoon 3, which you can find below.

The best weapon for beginners, which can be unlocked in Platoon 3

The weapon below is great for beginners, as it is relatively easy to use and spreads ink well and destroys the enemy’s inclines and schools. Here are our recommendations on the best weapons for the early game, which can be unlocked and used in Platoon 3.


additional weapons *: suction bomb
Special *: Tripura

Splatter shot is an excellent weapon for beginners due to their universal characteristics, ranging, damage and rate of fire. This weapon allows you to apply ink on the lawn, shoot opponents from a relatively safe distance and retreat when they are superior. This is a basic weapon, but this is a great way to study the game. His suction cup is great in order to stick to the walls and corners, catching nothing suspecting enemies that pursue you. Finally, Arizona is good for covering fire and forcing opponents to retreat.


additional weapons *: curling bomb
Special *: Big Barber

Splat roller is a cult brush that you probably saw in advertising materials. It is excellent in close combat, but suffers in long clashes. So you will need to play somewhat carefully and prudently. Using Splat roller is a great way to study maps and find alternative routes to strike at enemy, because when you come close, few weapons can compare with this. You can use Curling Bomb to force opponents to move, I hope, on the way of your attacks. Throw a big Barber to protect yourself when you find yourself in trouble.


additional weapons *: suction bomb
Special *: Disaster

Octopus is a reduced and faster version of Splat roller. With the help of this weapon, you can quickly apply ink to the territory and opponents at close range, although most of the weapons will be able to surpass you in range. Play tactically using Octopus and throw the enemy in the face to destroy him with quick ink strokes. Use the absorption bomb to make the enemy move in one direction and destroy it before he realizes what is happening. Zip caster allows you to quickly advance or retreat when a long-range weapon surpasses you.

Frown Dinette

additional weapons *: torpedo
Special *: Ultra Stamp

Plataea Wiper is a powerful weapon that is great for covering the Earth and quite quick spraying of opponents. Although we found that the charged version of the attack is absent, the quick pressing of the trigger will cover your opponent with ink before they find out what amazes them. Although its range is decent, you still need to get closer to kill the enemy. Its torpedo grenade is great for the discovery of enemies, because it is looking for them, revealing their position. Finally, his special Ultra Stamp is an extremely powerful tool for covering the Earth, moving on the map and spraying opponents.


Additional weapons *: bomb allocation
Special *: Triple blow in ink

Slasher is another near-battle weapon, which causes a huge amount of damage. A direct hit from this bucket with paint is enough to instantly lush the enemy at the right distance. It also has a large vertical range that allows you to cover the land or opponents over you. Watch how it can be somewhat slow, and you will find yourself in a disadvantage at large distances. Splat Bomb is a classic Platoon grenade that can block the area for a few seconds thanks to the timer. You can additionally block the areas using Triple Ink strike, which allows you to direct opponents in certain directions.

Aerospace mg

Additional weapons *: hissing bomb
Special *: Insider

Aerospace MG is one of the best tools for applying paints in Platoon. He has one of the best rate of fire in the game, which allows you to shoot ink at an incredible speed. He does not have enough damage, and its range is decent, but you can find that many opponents are banning, faced with such a flurry of ink. Nevertheless, we recommend a sudden attack to crush them before they find out what you attack. The sparkling bomb further covers the ground with a large explosion, followed by smaller explosions of ink. While Aerospace Mg may not cause large damage, a special Reef slider is incredible in destroying opponents and staining the lawn.


additional weapons *: suction bomb
Special *: tank with crabs

Dualizes became the favorites of fans in Platoon 2 and triumphantly returned here. Dualizes are as balanced as Splatter shot, but have a unique ability to dodge when shooting. This avoids spraying and provides high mobility. Although they do not have enough firing range, like Splatter shot, they have increased rate of fire, so you need to approach the enemy and prevent him from escaping or aiming at you. A suction bomb is a good tool to make your opponent move preferably in the direction of your fire. When everything looks gloomy, blow up the tank for crabs, get additional armor and run away or break your opponents.

Three Stringer

additional weapons *: toxic fog
Special *: Murderous howl 5.1

To learn how to use Tri-Stringer, it takes a little more time, but as soon as you master this ink onion, you will become a master of control on the battlefield. The charged shot is extremely powerful, it is able to instantly spill opponents and block the area for a few seconds. Due to the slower nature of this weapon, you better stay away, and not rush. The use of the poisonous fog grenade is great for monitoring the region and slowing down any enemy that has fallen under its action. Use Killer Wail 5.1 to drive opponents out of shelters and blow them up by the Tri-Stringer charged shot with destructive effects.

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