Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ratatouille

In our Guide for the Ratatouille recipe in Disney Dream light Valley you can find out:

  • How her Rémy in Disney Dream light Valley recruited for your village
  • Which ingredients you need for ratatouille

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How do I unlock Rémy for my village?

If you come in Disney Dream light Valley in Rémy’s world, you have to prepare some dishes for the rat in the course of the quest ** to recruit it for your village. While Rémy still tells you the ingredients for the first dishes, he keeps the exact ingredients for his notorious ratatouille.

So that you can save yourself for a long time, we will tell you below the recipe for ratatouille .

ratatouille recipe: all ingredients to unlock Rémy

Throw the following five ingredients in the saucepan in Rémy’s kitchen to prepare ratatouille:

  • Zucchini

* Onion
* Basil
* Tomato
* Eggplant

If you have thrown the ingredients into the pot, start cooking to unlock the 5-star recipe for ratatouille . Back in your village, you can now cook ratatouille for you and your Disney friends at any time.

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