Otto Hightower killed the father of King Viserys in House of the Dragon? Answered

There were many significant developments of the plot in the fourth episode of House of the Dragon of HBO, including Misery finally taking a position and saying goodbye to Otto Hightower as the King’s hand. This raises the question: Otto really killed Jerseys, Misery’s father? This is what we know so far.

¿Otto Hightower helped kill Daenerys in House of the Dragon?

As far as we know, No, Otto did not kill Jerseys in House of the Dragon . According to the book and the series so far, Jerseys was disconsolate by his son Below’s son and his wife Alliance. He became extremely ill and prostrated in bed, and Otto Hightower became the king’s hand after Below’s death and effectively ruled Westeros in the state of Daenerys in recent years.

However, although it does not seem that Otto has participated in the murder of Daenerys himself, this also raises the question of his participation in the death of Below Targaryen.

Did Otto killed Below?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer here. There is no evidence in the book or the series until the moment I suggest that Otto really had something to do with Below’s death. . However, according to his actions in House of the Dragon, we can speculate.

After the death of Emma, Otto does not waste time to ask his daughter Alien to consume Misery in her grievance. This is the first step in her ploy to get Misery to see Aliment as a possible marriage couple, and it even results in Misery.

Otto does not waste time to take advantage of his advantage, and for everything we know about him until now, he certainly does not seem like a man who would take drastic measures and go so far as to kill a member of royalty or do anything that could incriminate to the. It is more likely that he saw an opportunity in Below’s death and used that time to approach Daenerys, become the king’s hand and ascend to power in that way.

That is all you need to know about Yes Otto Hightower killed Daenerys or Below in House of the Dragon . Be sure to look for to get more news and information about the series, even if Chandra will finally marry and who is Daemon’s wife.

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