NBA 2K23

Durant and Klay started spraying together. Is this the worst NBA2K?

Before the start of the new NBA season every year, the 2K series of NBA games is the focus of attention from the outside world. After all, 2K quantifies the ability value of players. The ability value of 2K is also an important standard for referring to the strength of NBA players. This year’s NBA game 2K23 ability After the value was made public, the voices of doubts rose, and almost most of the stars were not satisfied with their personal ability value and complained on social media one after another.

In this generation of NBA2K games, Kevin Durant’s ability value is 96. Although he is already the highest player in the game, Durant is still dissatisfied. Durant posted on social media to question NBA2K. The official, why shouldn’t his ability value be 99? The NBA2K official also responded to Durant’s statement. Ronnie, the president of the game company, replied to Durant on social media that he was asking the production team to replace Jordan with Durant. Durant is worth 99. This is a mockery of Durant, who considers himself a Jordan-level athlete.

Whether Durant should be 99 or not has become the most discussed topic in the NBA these days. Those who support Durant think he deserves it, but more people think Durant doesn’t even have 96. If this performance can be regarded as a 99, many people in the NBA are more worthy of a 99 overall rating than Durant, but the highest player is 97, Giannis Antetokounmpo. After all, in the playoffs, The regular season attendance rate in the first round is quite low.

In addition to Durant, the Warriors’ Klay Thompson also questioned NBA2K on social media because Thompson’s three-point shooting ability value is only 88, ranking first is Curry’s 99. The most important is Klay. The three-point shooting ability value is tied with Bane, Durant, and Kennard, but Thompson is the second three-point shooter in NBA playoff history. Thompson asked the NBA official to give his name some respect, hoping to improve the ability value. Go up. An angry Klay even bluntly said on social media that NBA2K sucks and is a clown.

In addition to Klay and Durant, Celtics player Jaylen Brown is also dissatisfied with his ability value. His ability value is only 87. Brown posted on his social media that “I Only 87? Don’t make trouble with me here.” From Brown’s final performance, Tatum’s 90+ is low at 87. Either Tatum is also reduced, or Brown’s ability value has improved.

Morant scored 93 points in NBA2K before, which is undoubtedly high for players who entered the NBA in 2019. Morant is grateful that NBA2K can take such a fancy to himself, but Morant also issued. After Morant was so rhythmic, many fans questioned. When questioned, he believed that Leonard even had a stat of 94 when he didn’t fight. Leonard was reimbursed for the season last season. Although he did not play a game, Leonard got a rating of 94.

When NBA2K22 was released, Leonard’s ability value reached 96. At that time, he ruptured his cruciate ligament. After a season, Leonard dropped by 2 points. In fact, regarding Morland’s doubts, NBA2K has never been because of the players. The ability to reduce serious injuries is worth it, including Durant, who was reimbursed for one year in the season but also did not reduce too much. Leonard was reimbursed for the season in 2018. After joining the Raptors, his ability value is also 94, which still refers to the value of a healthy season.

But is Paul George‘s ability worth 88 points too low? George’s level is still there. After all, he has led the team to the Western Finals. 88 is too low. Jabari Smith Jr., who entered the NBA with the third overall pick this summer, scored 78 points, but his alma mater, Auburn University, believes Smith’s rating should be higher, saying “a little low, but we can accept it.”

In addition, there is another person who is also controversial. This person is the Lakers star, Westbrook. The former triple-double king has become the level of a role player. Westbrook’s ability value is only 78. Westbrook’s shooting IQ is only 25, which is at the bottom of the league. Many fans feel that although the current Westbrook is not as good as before, no matter how bad the level is, it is impossible to drop 80. They think that NBA2K is deliberately smearing Westbrook.

This year’s NBA2K can be said to be the most controversial year over the years. Whether it is the star coming off the court, or the fans’ doubts, the game has not been released but has been pushed to the forefront. Many people think that NBA2K contains private goods and players’ ratings are unreasonable. For example, James still got a high score of 97 at age 38. For the current James, it is enough to be worthy of this level.

Such a big controversy has also made fans think about a solution to the problem. For example, NBA2K players’ ratings are changed to vote by fans, and it is unreasonable to use NBA2K company to provide players with ratings. Maybe In the future, NBA2K will make changes. Of course, NBA2K has become a leader in basketball games, and they don’t need to change at all.

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