The first Bque Pokemon: This is the connection between Grafaiai and the Bque Country in Scarlet and Purple Pokemon

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple presented lt week to Grafaiai, The graffitiian Pokémon , and h not taken the community to find its relationship with Spain. Because after olive pokémon and piglet pokémon, it w clear that some had. After all, we are talking about the first deliveries of the saga set in the Iberian Peninsula .


Well, the Grafaiai trailer forest h turned out The OMA forest, located in the Bque Country , specifically in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve (in fact, don’t you see the similarities between how both names end ?-Aiai and-Aibai). In turn, the mysterious strokes of Grafaiai are the same drawings Agustín Ibarrola painted in its trees between 1982 and 1985, thus signing an artistic work that sought to show the relationship between nature and human presence, and that w Enclava inside the Land art.

Grafaiai, the Bque Country Pokémon

According to the description of the trailer, Grafaiai will be a normal and poison pokémon that will launch colored ink by the mouth and use their graffiti to attract rival pokémon and tend them ambushed (come on, which is the perfect perfect ally to capture them all ). Depending on the berries with which we feed it, you will use one Pantone in your drawings, and you will also use its paintings to mark the territory and express its dominance over a certain place.

Game Freak says it is a Pokémon with a lot of character and night customs , for which it will be usual to see him wandering through the forests (inspired by the one of Oma, we remember). This heir of Smeargy will present the following characteristics in the Pokédex:

Category: * Pokémon mono poison
Type: poison and normal
Height: 0.7 meters
Weight: * 27.2 kilograms
Skills: * There are two, or light (bend the speed when the possession of the skill loses or uses an equipped object), or toxic touch (30% chance of causing poisoning to the Pokémon that physically hits it).

The first Pokémon games in Spain

Japan and their relationship with Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. Sinnoh and Germany. France and Kalos. Teselia and the United States. Galar and United Kingdom. 25 years and dozens of deliveries later, the Pokémon saga will be set for the first time in Spain and will have a new world full of winks to our culture: that yes the sacred family a pokémon gym , the mills of Ctilla on one of the new routes, the Almería desert, the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, References to Flamenco and Gaudí

The best of the samples is found on the paldea map in scarlet and purple Pokémon. A map with the Picos de Europa, the Madrid pollution, Port Aventura, the Rafa Nadal Academy and even Gibraltar. In fact, knowing in Spain, their developers had to open the RAE dictionary, they found the word village shortly after reading and cried out the Eureka de Archimedes. Pokémon village? Pokémon Aldea? P-aldea? PALDEA !! NI POKÉMON IBERIA SIGN YOU Something like that! Two memorable deliveries are coming.