Red dead redemption 2

GamesCom 2022 Chronicles: Day 2/3 -Messenger Metal, Heavenly Food and Little Video Games

This story is a follow-up to my previous diary. The alarm clock woke up on time, and neither of them slept today.

Gimmick! The Special Edition was playable in the retro department.

The new day became really hot again. We started our plane with breakfast and then took the fair center as a familiar destination. This time we were there at around 10:20, so a long day was ahead again. The difference between Wednesday was that we both went to both our own routes until the evening, because they both had appointments with publishers across the halls. Joonatan headed for my own road as soon as we arrived, I first went to redeem us to the metal: Hellinger concert VIP tickets (thanks to Mi5 Communications!), After which I started to prepare for the challenges of the day.

I was practically an hour’s empty pledge in the fair area, as the first test session was only agreed at two o’clock Sega booth. I was able to test the upcoming Sonic Frontiers soil adventure with fear of fear. A couple of days earlier, the trailer, which was shown a couple of days earlier, put expectations in a whole new spheres, so I was hopeful that maybe we could finally see a truly good 3d-Sonic again. However, I could not foresee how big this would do.

Sonic Frontiers

In practice, the fresh demo continued from where the trailer showed during the Gamescom opening presentation. Immediately out of the box, I noticed how different the sonic Frontiers feeling was compared to the previous titles of the series. The overlying Speed Metalkin had changed to sad tunes and the melancholic atmosphere was extraordinarily present.

Flying hedgehog.

In addition to the open world advertised, the game will find more linear fields, but I was able to spin only in the former landscapes. As the story begins, the player starts his journey in Sonic’s shoes with Amy and Tailsi. The trio travel to Starfall Island in the hope of Chaos Emeraldie, but the trip goes into trees and the mystical force sucks them into the inter-dimensional portal. The blue silo finds himself in the cybera space, where he manages to flee, but no friends are visible anywhere. Sonic eventually pops into Kronos Island, one of the places in Starfall Island. So you don’t have to worry about anonymous Antero’s anonymously like anonymously, but it is annoying that the guys are lost again.

However, the demo in the test did not finish, but a little later on Ares Island, who resembled a desert in its milieu. Knuckles also seemed to be captured there, so one of the missions was to get him free. However, during the 40-minute session, I did not succeed, but I encountered, among other things, the shark under the desert and the flying worm, which was presented a bit like intermediate bosses. They are apparently not even the biggest monsters, as the most magnums have been influenced by, among other things, shadow of the Colossus. At all, there is no battle and exploration of _sonic Frontiers, but there are also puzzling and side tasks offered by other residents in the world.

The demo to be played was located in dry scenery.

Apparently, Sonic Team is finally crossing himself, as the open world seemed to be enough to do and even controls seemed to be exceptionally strict at this stage of development. Cyloop, in particular, and parry (fighting) and parry seem to have comfortably controlled. Bugs shone with their absence and graphically Sonic looked pretty, though the functionality of the finished Switch version is quite interesting to see. All in all, the final impression was so positive that I might even dare to predict this year’s surprise. The truth will be revealed on November 8th, when sonic Frontiers is released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Switch and PC. In addition, the hedgehog will have to compete against the pirates, as Ubisoftin Skull & Bones will be released on the same day.

In the end, Sega’s people were very nice and professional and were not angry with my sonic mania 2. Then it was the turn of the System Shock recycled version!

These jokers inhabited the Sonic Frontiers islands.

system shock

Originally published in 1994, System Shock is downright sacred to the PC people. Although Nightdive Studios has been a tremendously long time for a recycled version, it was wonderful to see how well the Looking Glass classic has been brought to the present day. For example, in a graphic look, System shock is practically a button performance: pixel-based graphics are used in the environments, while enemies and weapons look more modern, not to mention effects. The interface and controls have been updated for current players (and console), and I didn’t really find anything to blame for about half an hour during the session.

However, does the recycled version reach the original atmosphere? Oh yes, and I wouldn’t wait for this to appear. However, the release date was still not revealed, but the PR person was content to say that it would appear when it is ready. Nightdive is currently full of hands full, but the studio representative promised to leave the podcast guest during the coming season.

System shock looked pretty good.

Dead Island 2

Along with System Shock, the plane was provided by the opportunity to test dead island 2__. Unbelievable, the game got a release date for Gamescom next year, which seems downright surreal. According to a 20-minute demo, the work seems to be a good way to go to zombie lovers, and not spare in Hurme. It was also pleasant to see that the title felt genuinely naturally the _dead Island series. Melee-like seemed much more natural than the original, and the enemies were not as durable as before.

Nonetheless, the difficulty level is a full question mark, as it was frustrated and dead many times during a short test session. You can see how the finished case will eventually take shape, as the current factors have been working on the project for about four years. So the Dambuster Studios, who took the lead, has not twisted this for a decade.


Next year on February 3, we will know the true side of things. _Dead Island 2 is due to appear at the time for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC. If you want to live dangerously, it is already possible to pre-order a product.

Even the dead can go to the gym.

Then to the swabs.

Street Fighter 6

Next up was street Fighter 6. We and Jonathan took a match (in the game) while the Capcom’s PR person fooled the background of the output. For half an hour with the street fighter, it was enough to convince both of them, even though the member J said he was far from the target audience. Personally, I would see that Capcom has returned to the path of victory, as the case created by the Re Engine looks and already feels tremendously good, and there is also a new, simpler guidance for new players to narrow the gap between veterans and novices. Unfortunately, unfortunately, the new single-player space has not yet been tried, and its time is then at the latest, next year. The secured platforms are both market players, Xbox Series masks and PC.

Street Fighter 6 convinced.

3D Realms Visit

Next, I suddenly ended up with a 3D Realm premises today, where I was able to view the unpublished title behind closed curtains. Annoying, I can’t reveal because of the embargo what it is, but the actual announcement will take place in the near future.

Many may remember the 3D Realm American house, but after various stages, the company moved to the Danes in 2014. In recent years, in recent years, the affection for the jokes has apparently made good, as the publisher has new games every year, such as Slipgate IronWorks. Today, the brand is perhaps best known for _ion Furys and under the publisher’s flag is currently working on several different titles. I also agreed with the Danes about a podcast visit, so they could wait for audio waves to tell about the current 3D Realm’s current activities during the coming season.

Jonatan had meetings until the evening, I myself stopped before the evening’s gig in the retro department. However, due to the lack of time and the lack of time, I was mostly photographed and thought it would be best to visit the area again tomorrow, when there were no appointments for me anymore.

Then it was time to rock!

Metal: Hellinger test session +concert

We and Jonathan and Jonato went to VIP to listen to the music found live in the book. Before the gig, there was a chance to test the work, but unfortunately the test session left some question marks in the air. The hell singer, who calls himself a rhythm, was stunning, the weapons are a bit and, of course, the music is great for those who like the performers. For some reason, the rhythm of the rhythm with the music did not seem very natural, but rather like a glued feature. I hope, however, is just a start-up, as the concept is so interesting that I’m not ready to throw ax in the well yet.

Metal: Hellsinger’s attitude promotion material.

However, the gig itself was quite tough, despite the fact that metal: Serj Tankian **, which is not part of the Hellsinger soundtrack, was unfortunately pulling his own set. For those who bought the fair ticket, the free concert had attracted a lot of people, but fortunately it was possible to be a little more loose in the VIP area. The only disappointment was the end of the local beer species, Kölsch, as the gig would definitely have tasted more frosty. Well, that’s fine.

Metal roar and people enjoy.

It was time to leave towards the wheelbase. We rolled into the vicinity of our Airbnb cabin, where there was an attractive looking restaurant, so we headed there for an evening meal. My choice was Kebab Rolle Mit Joghurt, or rice and rolled kebab pieces. Quite shockingly good, I haven’t found something like this in Finland. The restaurant’s people also spoke English, so communication went well. For some reason, they did not have a card payment in use, but fortunately there was an automatic automatic. Otherwise, it was exciting to see that in Germany, cash was still in general use and some even accepted cash. Special.

It doesn’t look strange from the outside, but oh boys, how good food was here!

The mass was full, so we still went to shop for breakfast and a couple of Kölschi for a night hat. Once again, the sleep came so fast that the other delicacy was completely drinking. In the closing part of the trilogy, we visit the fair area once again and once again curse German train traffic.