This representation of Harry Potters castle is a show: it has taken 6 years to do it

Minecraft’s players find among the most creative and do not stop surprising us with their creations, each one more unusual than the previous one! On this occasion, it is the mythical Harry Potter school, Hogwarts, which a player has perfectly recreated. The result is more than impressive and, to get there,@ducky_67 has worked hard for six years! **

You are a magician, Steve


The person behind the colossal project, @ducky_67, announced the result of these six years of work in Minecraft, through Reddit. Thus we observe the mythical Harry Potter school in Minecraft sauce, therefore very cubic. Each Hogwarts area is perfectly recognizable , such as the Quidditch field, the Mimi Whining bath, the covered bridge, the common room illuminated by its floating lantern or the corridors of the castle as well as its stairs.

A beautiful tribute to the mythical saga, which has delighted the fans of the license worldwide and of course, Everyone is looking forward to exploring it as soon as possible . However, the person behind the map admits that there is still a little work to do in the castle, before it can be available for international discharge.I still have a lot of work to do, in this video I only showed the almost finished parts _, he replied to a comment.

Investigate first

To be able to perfectly reproduce every area of Hogwarts, Ducky_67 was inspired in the plans used for the sixth movie of the license. In addition to this, he searched on the Internet videos and / or photos of each possible angle, and this for each room. A colossal work to constitute precise planes for each place of the castle. According to the person behind this creation, the most difficult thing was to perfectly respect the proportions of each room and building.

Thus, the castle reproduced in Minecraft seems to be a perfect replica that can be seen in Harry Potter movies. Enough for players to want to walk through the many corridors of the school, or why not join to create an RP server. As Hogwarts Legacy arrives at the beginning of next year, This creation all in one could be another way to immerse yourself in the magical universe of the license.