You can get gift cards for nintendo eShop via Oxxo

One of the current problems regarding digital game stores is that not everyone has the confidence of using their credit cards to carry out the different transactions. For that reason, Nintendo already has a plan that involves going directly to pay a store Oxxo and thus avoid adding cards or other complex steps.

What should be done is to go to the official page of Nintendo on the Internet, and then add one of the different cards to the shopping cart, this includes amounts that pass from $ 100, $ 200, $ 500 and up to $ 1000 pesos. Now, you have to go to pay the amount in convenience stores, everything to receive a code that can be redeemed in the ESHOP.

This is a slightly more preferential advantage of users, since some seek only to add 100 pesos on certain occasions, something that cannot be with physical cards, since there are only 200 and 500. It can also be paid in cash In the box, so parents will have no problem giving their card data to the console.

The code must enter the Nintendo Switch eshop, Once this is done, the players can download the title that wish that they enter the price range they added through their card. The balance can be used both in Switch , but it can also be purchased at Wii U and 3DS , although you can no longer add direct funds on these consoles.