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Warzone Cod Operation: Explanation of the last call: How to play limited time mode

The end is close to Call of Duty Warzone season. The most recent season has brought a lot of changes in the main game and a series of new cosmetics that face good against evil as COD prepares for the next entry, Modern Warfare 2. Last call also brings a new mode of Limited time game, Operation: Last Call, which could be Warzone’s biggest way. In case you have lost it, here are everything you need to know about Operation: Last call and how to play the new way .

Operation: last call explained

Operation: last call ** is the biggest search and destruction game to date.. You decide whether or not to be the savior or the boiler destroyer.

Image source: Activision through Duty Warzone

The new mode is linked to the new seasonal event, Heroes vs. Villains While you play Warzone, the murdered enemies will drop a hero or villain. Collecting one of those tokens will complete a challenge of the entire community and the victors will obtain a special plane in the game when the event ends in just over two weeks. There are also some collectibles in the game to win as you collect more chips during your game time.

That is all you need to know about the new game mode for a limited time, Operation Last Call . Season 5 has had a great beginning, so be sure to review everything you have lost, such as the complete notes of the patch, all the rewards of the battle pass and who is the newest operator.


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