A new action RPG Atlas Fallen that hunts monsters with Super Power! [Gamescom2022]

Gamescom 2022, the largest game event in Europe, started on August 24, 2022, Japan time. In its opening live distribution, Focus Entertainment announced the action RPG Atlas Fallen for PC/PS5/Xbox Series X | S described by DECK13 Interactive.

Release humanity from the persecution of the gods that have revived from dust and corrupted.

Let’s glide on the immortal land sand where the dangers and mysteries of ancient times, and the fragments of past memories are crowded. In a dramatic super power battle, use powerful phantom weapons and intense sand power abilities to kill legendary monsters.

In cooperation, in a single play, aim for the enemy’s essence to create a unique play style, and start a new era of mankind.


Revive from dust. Give up a storm.

  • Master the sand and explore a unique fantasy world with many secrets, scenes and danger

  • Let’s kill the legendary monsters in a single play or a cooperative play with a friend in a spectacular super power battle

  • Let’s release power with intense and phantom weapons

  • Become the ultimate champion with unique custom skills and abilities

Atlas Fallen will be released in 2023.