All the details of cyclizar, the new dragon and normal pokemon of scarlet and purple Pokemon; Attacks, curiosities …

At the end of the Pokémon 2022 world championship we had the opportunity to meet Cyclizar, the new Pokémon that we will see in the new installment of the saga: scarlet and purple, available on November 18 in Nintendo Switch. Its characteristics are very promising ; We tell you everything you should know about him.

What is cyclizar like?

It is an affable Pokémon, who hworld championship lived in the Paldea region for a long time and gets along with human beings. He does not like the cold very much, so the heat that gives him a person to mount on his back comes world championship a ring to his finger. When he adopts the mounting form, world championship Koraidon and Miraidon do, can run at a speed of up to 120 km/h with the player behind them . Here are all the details.

  • Category: Pokémon mount
  • Type: Normal and Dragon
  • Height: 1.6 meters

  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Skill: move (it hworld championship a 30% chance to cure the altered states at the end of each shift). Until now, there were only 18 different Pokémon with this ability.


autonomy, a movement that will change the competitive game

The competitive scene of Pokémon gives rise to many users to prepare their tactics, developing and modifying until the lworld championshipt parameter of their team. In this type of fighting, some attacks that are not too popular during adventure charge a great prominence, especially those that cause altered states, side effects and stratagems such world championship substitution.

Cyclizar hworld championship a new movement of the most interesting: autonomy . The Pokémon that executes it is immediately replaced with another, world championship well world championship what happens when using relief or volt wave. The grace is that just before the change is made, the one who leaves consumes part of his PS to leave a substitute ready to protect the new Pokémon that enters from the reserve. A strategy that will give a lot of play in competitive fighting.

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon arrive at Nintendo Switch on the next November 18 . If you missed the lworld championshipt trailer, you can find it right here.