Where to fulfill the sea quest pull together in the lost ark

Playing Lost ARK, you will face several quests, floating along the Procedic Sea. One of these quests collect it together , a sailing quest. However, unlike other sea quests, before starting it is necessary to fulfill the preliminary condition. To begin with the quest, you need to perform sailing cooperative: artitin quest. Everything that this quest does is randomly launches other joint quests.


In the image above, you will notice that there are two quests Swimming that you can perform, and in some cases you will also see Sail cooperative: Yorn quest. You can fulfill any of them to get a chance to start the sea quest Gather together, but the most lucky is that sailing cooperative: Artin since receiving a choice for starting Pull It Together is accidental. You will find a quest right above the artes of artitin.

How to complete the sea quest Gather together in the lost ark

To fulfill the quest, you must use salvation of treasures skill. You have to choose 450 items from other players from other players. The collection of objects can bring you awards, such as hyenas and gold coins. Time is limited to three minutes, so try to save as many treasures as possible!

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