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The new development of the destruction Tokyo fantasy BLACK STELLA is announced. Immediately after the end of the previous work service, a gorgeous creator gathering swears to restore

On August 15, Cyberstep announced a new development of the Black Stella series. The corresponding platform is iOS/Android, which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023. This work will be the successor to the smartphone game BLACK STELLA Iи: Fernø announced that it will end the other day. It seems to be a restart of the series of the series, which had many twists and turns.

The new BLACK STELLA announced this time seems to be a work that uses 3DCG. Although the details have not yet been revealed, some gameplay can be read from the development initial battle image video released along with the announcement. It seems to be a battle like RPG by 3DCG, not a tower defense battle like the previous work BLACK STELLA I и: Fernø. There are scenes where characters appearing as Ayase Charmi who appeared in Black Stella Iи: Fernø form a party to attack the enemy.

In the same video, you can see the characters fighting swords and sticks as weapons, and that they use some skills for enemy and friend. In addition, the stage of the battle is in the city of Japan. If the setting of the previous work has been taken over as it is, it should be the stage in Tokyo.

According to Cyberstep’s announcement, the newly developed staff will take over from the previous work, Black Stella Iи: Fernø. Takaaki Suzuki of Girls & Panzer in the world view, Fumitsu Maruto of How to grow a dull heroine in the main scenario, and Tatsuhei Nagatsuki of Re: Different World Life starting from Zero. Many scenario writers, including Yoshiaki Inaba of Lugal Gigam, participated. Many gorgeous creators are on par with the character design by Mr. Oguchi of Kantai Collection-KanColle-. In fact, these creators are reunited in the development of Black Stella.


Because Black Stella was originally released from Fuji Games Co., Ltd. in 2019. However, in 2020, development was discontinued as it was determined that it was difficult to provide as a long-term service. After that, the Cyberstep restarted the project with Scopenext and released it in June this year. However, the evaluation of the same work, which was the release of the resurrection, was stagnant. The other day, it was announced on September 12 that the service would be terminated. In this announcement, Hiroaki Murakami, who is involved in the new work, recalls the pain that Black Stella Iи: Fernø has betrayed the trust of the people who expected.

Murakami is the person in charge of Black Stella by the scenario contract company Orx. Orx was in charge of the story from the beginning of the project. From a scenario contract company, the company said that he could hardly participate in the past developments other than the scenario. And this time, Orcus inherited the copyright and trademark right of Black Stella from Fuji Games. Orxs will play a role as an original scenario company so far, but will also participate in the parts that have been left to the past development. Meanwhile, Cyberstep President Sato, who was given the opportunity to develop alone, commented, We will deliver a completely new and fun Black Stella while having the soul of the first project.

By the way, the original BLACK STELLA, which was discontinued, was a command battle RPG that suggests the genre Mystical RPG. The lower UI in the new video released this time seems to be almost the same as when the original Black Stella was developed. It will be a work that inherits the original version. The big difference is that 2D drawing in the original version is 3D in this new work. However, the new video is a battle image of the early stage of development, and there is a great possibility that the UI will change.

Mr. Murakami of Orxus said, Ironically, it has become this work, as in the world of this work, this work has become back to death again, and to create a more enjoyable work. He tells users that he wants time. I would like to wait for a follow-up report to be a work that can be enjoyed by the liver of this series and the scenario that the development team itself can enjoy, as well as the game part.

Black Stella is currently under development. The corresponding platform is iOS/Android, which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2023.