Last moment: Fire is reported in the Nintendo offices

Unfortunately, today it has been revealed that The offices denintendo in Kyoto, Japan, suffered a fire . Fortunately, no injured is reported, and the situation was already controlled.

According to information by NHK, half Japanese, around 1:00 pm (local time in Japan), a fire was reported at the Nintendo offices. It has been pointed out that The fire was the result of a device that was charging , although the authorities continue to investigate the facts.

Although a single wounded is not reported, it has been mentioned that Some of the desks and chairs in the third floor room were burned . Similarly, it is pointed out that despite the fact that eight fire trucks were distributed to turn off the fire, it was actually Nintendo employees who extinguished the flames.

In related issues, the production of the switch for 2023 is uncertain. Similarly, Nintendo faces a new labor complaint.

Editor’s note:

Fortunately, the situation did not go to adults and all are well within Nintendo. However, this incident is likely to have some type of impact within labor standards and, if the person in charge was an electronic that was loading, the cables will surely be changed in the offices.