Color bus, 3D meta bus Puppy Red pre -booking

[Color Bus Moon Young-soo] Color Bus (CEO Lee Yong-soo) started a pre-booking of 3D virtual reality meta bus ‘Puppy Red’, which is scheduled to be serviced at the end of August. You can apply for advance reservations on the Kakao Pre-Reservation Platform and Purpyred’s official website.

Purpyred is a mobile 3D metabus that reinterprets the 3D community Puppy Red, which has been used by more than 3 million people since 2016 since its launch in 2003, with emotion in 2022. In addition to the chat system that will reflect on the memories of Puppy Red, the company has implemented services such as decorating mini-parks, fostering avatars and pets, caring for babies, and role play.

Last year, the first private test (CBT) showed a mini-park with a highly freedom customization system and a cute item. In particular, the company explained that in the first CBT, women participants in their early 20s accounted for 96%.

Color buses will be conducted by the final CBT at the end of the final inspection prior to the official service scheduled for late August. Through this test, we will focus on improving the overall system through content inspection and revision security.

Meanwhile, Color Bus attracted investment from Kakao affiliates Neptune in October last year. Neptune’s stake in color buses is 44%.