Ubisoft, Pa Cry 6 Free Play Event Progress

Ubisoft Entertainment announced that it will offer free play and special events for the period of action FPS game parry 6.

First, the free play event will be held until 1 am on the 8th. Players can play games on game platforms such as Windows PCs, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X¦s, Xbox One, etc.

The player can freely experience the full version of the game, including all free DLC content, with solo play or a two-person cooperative exhibition. You can also enjoy a variety of play by becoming a legendary hero, Dani Lohas, to help Libertard guerrilla to help freedom, to team up with friends to liberate Yara and deliver taco.

At the end of the free play event, you can continue the game from the point where you saved.

Special discount events for par 6 will also be held until the 17th. During this period, the player can meet the various editions of the parry 6, the season pass, and the DLC at a discount of up to 60%. Schedule and items for discount events are different for each platform, and details can be found on the Epic Games Store, Xbox, and PlayStation official website.

In addition, the player can participate in the photo mode contest in Twitter, Instagram and Tic Talk by the 13th. Using the photo function of Pa Cry 6, #FarCry6FreeWeekendContest with the best expression of the summer atmosphere using the photo function of the parcry 6Freeweekendestest hashtags with the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, FAR CRY 6 collector Figurine, tobii Eye Various prizes such as Tracker and Corsair Headset will be presented.