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[Todays Steam] Devade murderers and love, surprisingly good!

The shocking game of dating the murderers in Dead By Daylight, Hook-on Yu: Dead By Daylight Meeting (hereinafter referred to as Hook-on Yu), was ranked No. 1 in the world’s highest sales chart.

Hook-on Yu is a love simulation released by Dead By Daylight developer Bihavier Interactive in May. The protagonist who woke up on the beach of an unfamiliar island with a memory is about to have a relationship with the killer of four trapers, laces, huntless, and Spirit in Dead By Daylight. The production was in charge of Psyop, who was in charge of ‘I Love You Canell Sanders!’

The game has shocked many gamers since the time of its release with the combination of the beach background with the blue sea under the sun, the appearance of a murderer who appeared in a very beautified, and love simulation. At the same time, it was ranked first by pushing the stray at the same time, and the user evaluation was also receiving ‘very positive (94% positive)’.


In addition, the new horror game The Mochu Assistant, who was second, came down to 10th, and Marvel Spider-Man Remaster came back third.

At the top 20, the best concurrent user, Pay Day 2, the simultaneous user went down from the rankings. Rust was also 79,897, ranking 12th, with the number of concurrent users decreased slightly compared to the previous day.