Neopin targets the Defi market with four strategies in the second half of the year

Neopin (CEO Jake Kim), a blockchain company, announced on the 4th, four keywords, including Web 3.0, Multi Chain, NFT, and Lunch Pad. Through this, the ambition is to target the global 100 trillion Divi market.

Neopin is a depo service that applied the customer confirmation system (KYC) and funding prevention (AML), which was released in January. On the 1st, we launched a web service and introduced the ‘Wallet Connect’ method, which can be accessed from various environments on the web, to strengthen the linkage with Neopin wallet, where individuals manage their keys.

Neopin is currently supporting Ethereum, Klaytn, and Tron chain, and supports a large number of chains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Cosmos, and Polygon The plans to introduce multi-chain services by the first half of next year.

Neopin offers open platforms for games and service companies so that projects such as P2E and M2E can be on board more easily on the Neopin platform.

To this end, multi-chain features are introduced for onboarding games and services released in existing chains. The company plans to support ‘one-stop service’ such as coin issuance and exchanging, wallet and NFT exchanges so that single developers or large developers can concentrate on game development.

Separately, if you leave NFT after adding NFT wallet functions in Neopin, you can provide ‘NFT-Fi’, which is rewarded, and aggressively invest in major blockchain companies to expand Neopin ecosystems. to be.

Neopin is currently P2E tokens (MBX), Bora, Sumsing (SSX), IPBus, including Neopin (NPT), Clayton, Tron, etc. (IPV) is providing swaps and yllfarming products for virtual assets such as (IPV).

In addition, the company is attempting to protect virtual assets by establishing an abnormal transaction detection system (FDS) for withdrawal and withdrawal details.

Neofly (CEO Seung-Hun Oh), a parent company of Neopin and a subsidiary of Neowiz Holdings, has been operating nodes since 2018 and has gained technical know-how and experience in the blockchain business. We have operated blockchain services such as the Clayton Governance Committee activities, NBLOCKS, a virtual asset wallet service, and EOS network project ‘EOSEOUL’, and information security management system (ISMS) from the Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) ) I have obtained certification.

An official from Neopin said, The need for identification of users in the global depy market has only been emerging recently, while Neopin is leading the blockchain industry by preemptively introducing KYC and AML by looking forward to one step. Based on the existing reliability and safety, we will actively target the global 100-trillion Divine market by faithfully fulfilling four strategic tasks such as Web 3.0, MultiChain, NFT, and Lunch Pad.