Knockout city

Hot -blooded rigid river city girls 2 will be released on December 1st!

The Ark System Works is the second installment of River City Girls, which appeared in 2020 as a spin-off title of Kuni Okun Series , Hot-blooded hard-rigid group River City Girls 2 (River City Girls 2 ** CITY GIRLS 2) announced that the release date was decided on December 1, 2022.

In this work, mini games and request quests have been added to the game elements evaluated in the previous work, and the content of the game has been significantly increased. The number of stages is more than 100 than the previous work, and the assist character that supports the addition of playable characters and in battle seems to have a large volume of over 100 characters. It is said that the comic-style cut scene has been greatly enhanced, and animation production has been added to facial expressions and gestures.


CV: Honaka Kuroki
She of self-proclaimed Kunio

I like cute things, but I hate to behave like a girl!
Emotional expression tends to be aggressive. She blows off with a heavy punch.


CV: Sumire Moroboshi
Self-proclaimed Riki girlfriend

I love cute things. Flying those who are disturbed by the gentle tone will fly more and more!
Taking advantage of her lightness, kicking the enemy with a continuous kick.


CV: Shin Furukawa

I hate being bent, a well-known hot-blooded hard group. She is loved by everyone with a boyfriend of Misako.


Strong, confident, pleasant, cheerful, and bad of justice of River City.


CV: Chiaki Kobayashi

A good partner in a rival of Kunio. Kyoko boyfriend. He is usually cool.
But a type that gets hot when emotions are high. He is on the top of the Buddha, but he takes care of him. Kyoko seems to be cute.


CV: Marina Inoue

Protect her own body. She is justice sister who fights Liver City evil with a golden abs.
Her combat style has many professional wrestick her flashy techniques, and is characterized by powerful blow.


CV: Akari Kito

Her dance videos are always trendy. She is a cool SNS queen, but she is a friend and she is still looking for a lost Chris today.
Her combat style is a unique kick fighter that combines street dance and capoeira.

The long-awaited Japanese voice is also compatible with the Windows (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch for 3,190 yen (tax included). Scheduled to be released. The Wayforward Twitter account, which is developing development, has some information about the game specifications.

  • A hideaway area where you can change characters, replace recruitment, store items, and relax. It also works as a respawn point when KO.

  • If you ask on the spot when you do KO, you will lose money, but you will not lose money in a retreat.

  • Kyoko’s mom is also reflected, but it is not a playable character.

  • Noise is not a playable character. No playable characters have been planned at the moment.

  • Wayforward wants to achieve Game Pass compatible, but ultimately it will be Microsoft.

  • Menu UI is renewed like a more real smartph1. Various apps such as HONKR for side quest information, Snapr that view unlocked goods, and enhanced GPS/maps can be used.

  • You can visit the apartment of Abobo (not a boss in this work). There are also her brother Mobobo and Jik.