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Call of Duty Vanguard: These are the four best weapons of the multiplayer mode that also succeed in Warzone

Warzone seems the only active multiplayer of Call of Duty, but this is not entirely true. Call of Duty Vanguard has an active multiplayer and has one of the most mythical arsenals of video games: classic weapons of World War II. Below you tell you which ones are the best.


This assault rifle has the best damage of its class, a great fire cadence and a charger that allows you to eliminate several enemies without recharging. The negative part is that it has a little setback and that its effective reach loses long distances, but can be improved with the indicated accessories.

The effectiveness of the STG44 is so good that the avant-garde multiplayer has transcended and is among the most used assault rifles of Warz1. You don’t have to do anything special to unlock it because it is available from the first measures of progress.


The subfusil MP-40 is a mythical weapon inside and outside video games. The cinema and the series have made it the most recognizable weapon of the Germans during World War II.

At the forefront, he quickly became the favorite weapon of many players, so much that it transcended Warzone and is currently one of the most used weapons. It is found in the top in both multiplayer modes.

Why does this happen? Its fire cadence is respectable, the setback is almost non-existent and its easy handling causes any user to handle it efficiently. The MP-40 is a beast at short and half distances. And best of all, it is available from the beginning.


The assault rifle Bar is another weapons that the film and series industry have made known, in this case in the hands of the Americans during World War II. In Vanguard it is one of the strongest weapons of the multiplayer, so much that it transcended Warzone and became the main weapon of the finish for a while.

It is not the assault rifle with more damage and its precision lowly firing in motion. However, her cadence, precision in standing and handling makes her ideal. Throughout its history, it has received several balance sheets with updates. Both in Warzone and Vanguard is still a reliable weapon.

It is unlocked at level 25 of the multiplayer.


This sniper rifle is probably one of the most famous long-range weapons today. He appeared in the movie saving Soldier Ryan (and in many others), in other deliveries by Call of Duty as World ot War and in other titles such as Pubg. In Vanguard it soon became one of the most used snipers.

It has great maximum damage and is customizable to play both aggressively and long distances. Cerroja very fast, giving it a very respectable fire cadence. Obviously, he soon became one of Warzone’s favorite snipers. It is unlocked when reaching level 43.

Other powerful weapons in the Vanguard multiplayer (which do not succeed in Warzone):

Combat shotgun *: It is unlocked when it reaches level 14. This automatic shotgun allows you to shoot a whole charger without loving the weapon between shooting and shooting.
Volkssturmgewehr : It is unlocked when reaching level 55.
Type 100 : It is unlocked when reaching level 39.
* mg 42 : Available from the beginning.

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