The best student in the script of Imperial China is Live A Live

The script Imperial China tells the story of Shifu (the title Master, which is given to people in China) in search of students to continue its dying art of Kung fu. In the end, during his searches, he meets three promising children: Hon Hakka, Yoon Jou and La Kugo. In which of these three students do you have to invest your resources (and training points!)?


Guidelines for Live A Live Teaching

The best student, perhaps, Leu kugo . Leia Kugo has very strong high speed and a moderately high physical attack characteristic that allows it to hit the enemy and escape before the enemy’s action is filled. It is very fun to play with her, because in addition to Kung Fu, she has skills that attack enemies from afar. Invest all these training in it. She will especially benefit her for endurance, as her physical protection is not very strong.

Hong Hakka is its complete opposite and a good choice if you prefer his charming personality. Hing Hakka is created to tank . So, although it should not be often moved, it will survive in any situation. He has a moderately high indicator of physical attack, like Leia Kugo. He will also benefit from all training.

Yoon Jou is a versatile person . He is moderately fast and moderately powerful. He is also the only student with a special attack with a high base statue close to the shifa. When he later studies spontaneous attacks, he will apply moderate damage, regardless of who is the enemy. As the only master for all hands, Yoon Jou will also benefit from all training that Shifu will offer.

However, in the end, the choice of the best student still depends on you and your style of the game. Live A Live gives you the opportunity to fight and use them many times, so use them and find your beloved . Believe us: Favorism is the best way to optimize your work in imperial China.

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