Pokemon Go Hisuian Discoveries Event – debut Pokemon, wild meetings and collection tests

Niantic announced a new event that will appear in Pokémon Go. The event will be called Hisuian. Discoveries and comes from environment , July 27 , 2022 K Tuesday , August 2 , 2022 . The event takes place from July 27, 10:00 local time. K August 2, 20:00 local time. . This event presents players with several new regional forms of popular Pokemon.

New debut Pokemon in the Hisuian Discoveries event

Three new Pokemon debut in Pokémon Go during Hisuian Discoveries Event. Hisuan Grouvet ,Hisuian Quilfish and also Hisuan down * all of them appear in the game so that the players can catch them. It is important to note that none of these Pokemon can be brilliant at a meeting.

Wild meetings in the event Hisuian Discoveries

The Hisuian Discoveris event brings with it a completely new rotation of Wild Encounters. Some Pokemon, which have not appeared in the wild for a very long time, will appear, giving new players the opportunity to fill their pokedx.

  • Zubat*
  • Ponyte*
  • Onyx*
  • Ivy*
  • Tangel*
  • Porigon*
  • IP*
  • cribote*

  • Bizel*
  • Driflun*
  • Bronizer*
  • Hisuan Volorb
  • Hisuian Quilfish
  • Electric Bazz*
  • Magmar*
  • Oktilleri
  • Gibble*

*All Pokemon marked with an asterisk can be brilliant at a meeting.

Raid battles in the event Hisuian Discoveries

Pokemon presented in raid battles change during this event. The list of changes can be found below.

raids with one star in the event Hisuian Discoveries

  • Reduced*
  • Roselia*
  • Shinx*

Three-star raids in the event Hisuian Discoveries

* Togetik

* Chirley
* Viskash

hatching of eggs in the event Hisuian Discoveries

Incubation and hatching of a 7-kilometer egg during this event gives players a chance to hatch one of the new Pokemon Hisuian. Hisuan Grouvet and also Hisuan down can only be obtained in this way, and Hisuan Volorb and also Hisuian Quilfish can be caught in the wild.

Testing the collection in the event Hisuian Discoveries

During this event, players will have to complete the task of collecting objects on the topic of Khisui. The call will give players a good reward (XP, Stardust and egg incubator) after completion.

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