Roglike barrage action HER Name Was Fire was announced. Burn the hordes of enemies and the powerful boss with magic

Developer Tissue INU announced on July 19 the rogue-like action Her Name Was Fire . The compatible platform is PC (Steam).


HER Name Was Fire is a rogue action game overlooking. It seems to be a game that survives five different stages while acquiring and upgrading spells. A system that is common in recent so-called rogue-like works, such as almost redoing when you die and the stage is automatically generated, may have been introduced.

In game play, he magically defeats a horde of enemies called Void Creatures. And it is possible to raise the level by collecting ash from the wreckage. At the time of level up, it seems that you can select one from three cards and get the character’s ability and upgrade. As a genre, it can be said that it is a game of Vampire Survivors and 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN.

In this work, in addition to the hordes of enemies, there is a huge boss called Major Allegories. A different type appears for each challenge. If you defeat it, you will be able to get a powerful major allegory card, and you will be able to move on to the next stage. It is said that major alegolies appear by destroying objects such as servers on the stage. Maybe the player can challenge at any time. I’m worried about what kind of personalities are being made as a game of the Vampire Survivors genre that is becoming popular recently.

This work is Tissue INU in the indie game studio. In addition to this work, the studio is currently developing a 2D action QUETZAL. The refreshing 2D action development know-how will be used in this work HER Name Was Fire.

HER Name Was Fire will be released for PC (Steam).