The deck -building horror InsCryption PS4/PS5 version will be released on August 31. A high -rated card game with multiple genres

Devolver Digital announced on July 19 that it will release the 5th edition of PlayStation 4/PlayStation on August 31. In the PlayStation Store, the PS5 version pre-order is being accepted, and the price is 2310 yen including tax.

InsCryption is a card game that combines multiple genres’ essence, mixing elements such as deck-built rogging, escape games, and dice logical horror. In this work, when the player starts the game, he is stuck in a mysterious dark hut. In the darkness, there is an old man named a receipt and a board game spread on the table. At the beginning of the game, the player will confront the receipt and a board game.

Blood-painted games with the receipt are deck-built rogue-like as a genre. Determine the progress route in consideration of the events that are waiting first, and strengthen the deck at the event. Select one card to be added to the deck from several types of cards, synthesize cards in the deck, and obtain reinforced items for card races. I will do it.

Also, when a battle occurs, the card battle will determine the win or loss. Damage by the creature attack installed on the board, won if the balance instead of the HP was tilted to the other side. Creatures have multiple abilities, and some cards require bone or sacrifice blood in installation. Repeat the card battle and deck to clear the game.

However, as described on the PlayStation Store store page, this work is hidden in this work. While playing a board game, a variety of developments gradually become clear by various developments, such as inserting mysterious scenes, solving mysteries and escape game-like elements. Something awaits the game with an old man unfolding in a strange atmosphere.

Daniel Mullins Games, who developed this work, is an indie game developer by Daniel Mullins. In the past, both have released Pony Island and The HeX with meta elements. The PC version was launched in October 2021 for this work InsCryption. At Steam, the status was overwhelmingly popular with 97 % of the 97 % of the 68,000 user reviews of more than 68,000 user reviews at the time of writing. GDC AWARDS, held in March 2022, won the Game of the Year. It is highly evaluated not only by players but also by game industry officials.

In the PlayStation 5 version of this work, it is said that it will support the function of DualSense as a new element. The light of the controller changes according to the in-game atmosphere. When playing in a dark room, you can feel as if you are in a receipt hut. In addition, the voice of some cards is heard through the controller, and the vibration by the haaptic feedback seems to improve the expressive power of all cruel actions.

The InsCryption PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 version will be released on August 31. For the PS5 version, the pre-order is being accepted by the PlayStation Store.