SKT quantum cancer communication technology adopts ITU-T International Standardization Tasks

SK Telecom will establish a global technology standard that will achieve the cornerstone of the popularization of quantum cancers.

SK Telecom announced on the 18th that it was adopted as an international standardization task by proposing two technologies for the management and linkage of quantum cancers at the ITU-T meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

ITU-T is a subsidiary of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and sets standards in the field of telecommunications. The technology adopted as an international standardization task is established as a global standard after discussing dozens of countries in ITU-T.

There are two technologies adopted as a standard task at the ITU-T meeting: ▲ Software Defined Network (SDN) system for the interworking quantum cancers. Both technologies are the core technologies necessary for the spread of quantum cancer communication technology.

The integrated management SDN system for interlocking quantum cancers is a system that can integrate and manage the telecommunications network and quantum cryptography. Utilizing this, telecommunication companies can integrate with existing communication networks without having to manage quantum cancers.

Allied quantum cryptographic network technology can provide safe communication services based on quantum cryptography between users who connect to quantum cancer yelling networks built by different operators by linking the quantum cryptography network of different operators.


Furthermore, in the 6G era, when the ground and satellite are connected, it is expected that it is possible to provide quantum cancer communication service with satellite telecommunications operators through the quantum cancers.

At the same time, SK Telecom has also been approved for standardization work on the interlocking structure of quantum cryptography networks in cooperation with other countries and institutions.

SK Telecom carried out the SK Broadband Consortium, ID Quantics and the Ministry of Science and Technology, and established a demonstration of quantum cancer communications in 17 public, medical, and industrial sectors and discovered application services. In addition, it is promoting the entry into the defense and public market with Jiangsu companies in the domestic cryptographic field.

Ha Min-yong, a SK Telecom Innovation Project TF (CDO), said, The task adopted as an international standardization task is a key technology that will lead the popularization of quantum cancers. We will continue to promote the development of the quantum ecosystem by continuing commercialization.