We explain how to delete the data that Amazon has kept your account

One of the most relevant companies today is Amazon, a store that has remained high thanks to the facilities offered to users throughout the globe. However, there is a problem, since the company usually collects people’s data and storing them. So then we will tell you how to delete them in their divisions of Alexa and Kindle .

The first would be to delete the recording of Alexa , you have to log in to the Amazon website and access the my account menu. At the bottom, within the digital content and devices menu, you must click on manage content and devices. Inside you have to access privacy settings.


The privacy of Alexa and devices will be available, each with a button to manage. To delete you have to click on check the voice history. Once the record is deployed you have to click on delete all my recordings. Given this, a warning will come out, but you can ignore perfectly.

In the case of Kindle , there is no option to eliminate records, but they can be deactivated for future chaos

They can be accessed from the privacy option of devices in the privacy settings menu, the same to configure Alexa. This option shows all devices such as Kindle and Fire TV of the account and when selecting them a series of options will appear.

Regarding Kindle , the option data on the use of the device must be disabled. Amazon will notice that no advertising will be seen, and thus continue to process the data on the use of their services. To confirm you just have to press deactivate.

For now, any registration of a normal account of Amazon cannot be deleted, but on its devices it can be carried out.

Way: Amazon