They show the first portable PS5

Whenever the most creative players have something in mind, they take it in some way or another to reality, this has been seen with Metroid 2 , adaptations of one console to another and even with a Nintendo 64 that works with real cartridges. However, a group wishes to take the next gen genu everywhere with a PlayStation 5 portable.

The company known as Indigaming has gotten to work to have its own console in portable format, although it is a somewhat uncertain definition because it does not precisely fit in the palm of the hand. But in a briefcase where both a monitor and the components of the console introduce to take it to almost all places.

The name of the project is Poga Lux , and takes the experience of having a PS5 to other horizons, but of course it needs a power supply to work. On the other hand, speakers are included to complement the USB experience and ports to load the dualsense controls that are discharged with a quick speed.

It is worth mentioning that acquiring this mode is not something cheap, since it costs about $ 1,500 euros approximately, this would be the equivalent of just over $ 30,000 pesos from Mexico . This is more than double the price of the original console, so only the most fans and wealthy can get this collection piece to play on their vacation.