Action roguelike, this time met with golf

If you thought that the existing golf game, which viewed the golf course and shots from the top view, was too ordinary, pay attention to the delightful new game you can enjoy with the side view.

The golf adventure game ‘Cursed to Golf’ is a unique new game that mixes dungeon crawler and action roguelike genres from a side-view point of view that is rarely seen in the subject of golf. The player becomes a cursed golf player who is accidentally hit by lightning and falls into golf hell during a golf game, and must escape from golf hell. Not surprisingly, it was the moment when an international victory was imminent.

To escape from the golf hell, you have to play golf, not surprisingly. If you fail to complete all courses with the minimum par, you will be cursed and return to the starting point of the course. On the course of Golf Hell, various obstacles such as polar fans, thorns, bomb boxes, and teleporters appear in addition to the bunkers and roughs of general golf courses. Of course, the most important thing is to record the par, just like in real golf. Every course encountered in Golf Hell will be accompanied by a legendary caddy, who will help the player successfully complete all quests in Golf Hell and resurrect.

Being a cursed golf player didn’t just make him desperate. This is because various techniques that cannot be used in real golf can be utilized. First, it is possible to look around the entire course from the viewpoint of ‘buddy eye’. Also, if the number of strokes is insufficient, the number of strokes can be refilled by breaking the gold and silver statues placed throughout the field. In addition, as it is a rogue-like game, an ‘ace card’ system, a random element, is applied. By utilizing these various underworld powers, you will be able to lead the game, record a steady wave, and look forward to the resurrection.

Side-view but never wasted golf gameplay, randomly-ordered golf courses and 100+ holes, 20+ unique card power-ups, plus a variety of game modes including mini-game challenges, daily challenges, and online leaderboards. It is a characteristic of this game to be able to enjoy together.

The new golf game ‘Cursed to Golf’, where you can meet NPCs with a cute golf concept, cool pixel art, and a retro soundtrack at the same time, is scheduled to be officially released on PS4 and PS5 platforms on August 11th. It will also be released on Steam on the 19th. Currently, the demo version is available for free on Steam, so if you are curious about the combination of ‘rogue-like action’ and golf, please play the demo first.