League of legends

LoL: The rioter that balances the game every week and at the same time teaches you how to play MOBA on YouTube

League of Legends is a complex game with different internal systems that make the game a real challenge. In addition to understanding the nuances and synergies of each element or rune in the game, it is also necessary to have mechanical skills and think strategically about them in order to win games and level up. This is where many gamers turn to studying the MOBA, but what if you could have the guidance of a Riot Games developer?

That’s what Rioter Matt Leung-Harrison sets out to do. In his own bio he states that in addition to guiding the Summoner’s Rift team’s design direction on game balance and preseason, he creates educational LoL content on YouTube. With over 85,000 subscribers on his channel, RiotPhroxzon (as he is also called) is dedicated to creating videos teaching how to play.

The rioter who creates educational content about LoL

Although the last video published by Matt Leung-Harrison was published in October 2021, the channel brings together dozens of timeless content with basic and complex teachings on League of Legends. With the first video dated June 2015, the rioter shows how to position himself in each lane of Summoner’s Rift and explains concepts like wave control, how to take advantage of the peak power moment of many champions, and more very important lessons to climb of range.

The video above is an example of how didactic the developer is in his videos. His videos of him show the meaning of concepts like freezing a wave and provide practical examples with plays from famous streamers and professional players , as well as showing possible situations that can arise in a match and how to react to them.

Understanding how League of Legends works directly from one of the people in charge of balancing the game is a great opportunity. Matt is actually the Riot Games employee who took the time to explain why the massive champion durability update increased champion longevity instead of just reducing MOBA damage, as well as showing the impact the patch had. 12.10.