E3, 2023 resumed offline

It has been called one of the world’s three game shows, but it is hardly adapted to the 19th era of Corona, and the E3 EXPO (E3), which has been raised even ‘dance theory’, will show a new leap to regain the reputation of the past in 2023. to be.

The E3 will be resumed at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the second week of June 2023. It is an offline event that resumes in about four years. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), which hosts the event, introduces various AAA-class titles for about a week with ReedPop, known as a global event company, and unveils the latest news that gamers around the world have been waiting for. He said he plans to achieve it. ReedPop is a veteran event company that has successfully hosted various entertainment events such as PENNY Arcade EXPO (PAX), New York Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration.

It’s a great honor and privilege to be responsible for re-hosting E3, said Lance Fensterman, president of REEDPOP. We will showcase a world-class event to support.

Stanley Pierre-Louis, chairman of ESA and CEO, said, I am very pleased to hold E3 as a face-to-face event with REEDPOP, a global leader in popular cultural events. We will increase the E3 experience based on the understanding of the video game industry.

In March, ESA reported that it will return in 2023, officially announced the uneven of E3 2022. It was not until 2023, two years later, a promise that next year (2022), which was announced when it was held online in 2021.


It seems that we should continue to watch whether ESA, which has joined hands with ReedPop, will be able to dispel the worry and be reborn as a new event, and to provide a completely new two-way experience. The media registration of E3 2023 will be disclosed from the end of 2022, and details related to the event will be released on the official E3 website.