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Pearl Abyss Black Desert VOA Seoul July 16th

Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin-young) will hold the Black Desert user event ‘Voice of Adventurers SEOUL’ on July 16 (Sat).

‘VOA’ is a user-centered event where Pearl Abyss visits users around the world. Pearl Abyss, which directly serves black deserts around the world, is designed to meet users from all over the world and listen to local users. Prior to Korea, we held a ‘VOA’ that meets the US and Japanese users this year. In particular, the North American users are characterized by the black desert staff in the pub in a free atmosphere.

‘VOA Seoul’ is the first offline event held in Korea after the Calpeon Banquet in December 19 due to Corona Fan Demick. It will be held at the Seoul Wave Art Center at 6 pm on the 16th. Users who want to participate can be accepted by July 3 through the Black Desert official website. Both the Black Desert PC and the console account can participate, and a total of 100 people will be selected.

‘VOA Seoul’ was prepared with various programs such as black desert user communication events and dinner. Following North America, Japan, and South Korea, the company plans to continue the ‘VOA’ event to visit users around the world.

The Black Desert holds two large-scale banquets every year at the end of the year and the Calpeon Banquet at the end of the year. In May 2019, the event has been held since the ‘Heidel Banquet’, which was held to commemorate the start of domestic direct service. After the Corona Fan Demick, the event was converted to the online event, and users around the world enjoyed together. After the ‘VOA Seoul’ event, the Heidel Banquet for the Black Desert Global Users will be held in September.

In addition to the two banquets, we operate ‘Meet & GreeT’, which invites users directly, and ‘Gumang Man’, who meets users through the official black desert YouTube, and listen to and communicate in real time with users online during late-night hours. It continues to be late night talk.

For more information on the Black Desert VOA Seoul, please visit the Black Desert official website.