Fans fix a famous Silent Hill 2 bug

Today, Silent Hill 2 and the franchise in general have become classics they were valued over time, which is why many new fans want to review the franchise. And now, a group of people have decided to end a bug that is in the Enhanced Edition for PC , one that literally prevented continue in this.

This computer reissue is an ongoing project that seeks to make the game work better in modern hardware, which includes incorporating wide-screen appearance, improving images and audio. However, there is a slight inconvenience that has not let them move forward, and that is a problem by wanting to run with current processors.

Specifically, the error directs us to the game audio transmission engine, which does not like multinuk CPUs, and basically all computers use one now. The fault began with certain audio jumps, followed by the blockade of the game. To fix this, the audio transmission engine was rebuilt from scratch so that it does not cause any problem in the CPUs of several nuclei.

Thus, the most recent update of Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition , as detailed in the video of the top of these paragraphs. It also brought a series of other improvements, such as increasing the quality of the FMV scenes, something difficult to do, because these are defined in a single resolution and definition, so working them implies entering the code to modify everything.

In addition, there is the disadvantage that there is no possible way to play Silent Hill 2 in digital format. And the physical edition costs enough money in the used games market.