Hey, Nintendo! This is just how the best game boy for Pokemon

On Reddit, a special Game Boy Color in Pokémon design motivates the community. We’ll inform you what the unique item is everything about as well as what the net states regarding the artwork.

is that the ideal game boy?

The Nintendo Game Boy has actually not been a present handheld for a long period of time, but the gadget is still really popular in 2022. Specifically Case Modder as well as artists craze regularly on the standard.

The results are commonly actual jobs of art! With this Game Boy Color in the one-of-a-kind Pokémon design:

Nonetheless, other users rave concerning that The Pokémon Kristall is their favorite Pokémon game , which is why this special game boy is a genuine hit.

The area on Reddit is enthusiastic about the striking one-off and awards greater than 4,300 upvotes. In enhancement to numerous praises, lots of individuals are likewise curious about whether you can buy the game boy in this type.

The clear appearance, the lattice information and The famous Pokémon Suicune on the front make the game boy an actual eye-catcher! Especially posh: the control cross and also the keys brighten blue when the tool is activated.

The partner of the user H3ROOFTIME9 has actually modified the Game Boy Color to ensure that the device is now undergoing as a tangible scandal sheet for Pokémon Kristall from 2000.

you have to learn about the game boy

The Game Boy Color initially appeared in 1998 and hence virtually 10 years after the release of the initial game boy. While the original might just represent 4 tones of gray, the Game Boy Color has accessibility to a total of 32,768 shades **. Of these, 56 can be offered at the very same time.

On Reddit, a special Game Boy Color in Pokémon layout inspires the community. Particularly Situation Modder as well as artists rage routinely on the standard. While the original can only stand for 4 tones of grey, the Game Boy Color has accessibility to a total of 32,768 shades **.