Scientific Wordle: Solution to the word of June 24, Challenge #103

We are on June 24 and we have to face a new challenge of Scientific Wordle ; Specifically, the number 103 of this game that has a lot of players hooked, every day in a different modality. And that is also didactic and serves to test our brain with its challenges and words tests.


As you know, in the scientific Wordle , the objective is to get a word related to science. But meanwhile, you can take advantage of your attempts as you want and write any other word that helps you discern what the vowels and consonants we have. So do not cut you.

Mechanics is the usual. If a lyrics light yellow, it is in the hidden word, but not in the position in which you have put it. If you do it green, it should be immovable. Keep in mind that in the scientific wordle it is not necessary to put tildes .

We are going to give you some clues for today, June 24, 2022.

  • It has two vowels and four consonants
  • Do not repeat letters
  • It is a daily action outside of science
  • Your first letter is a P
  • The original word carries a tilde in the second letter, although in the game it is not used
  • The last letter is the R

Solution to the scientific wordle 24/6

If with these clues you have not taken it, we leave the correct answer to today’s scientific Wordle. You just have to press on the spoiler below to discover it.

Show Press


Show Meaning: a neutron star that emits periodically radiation