Closed beta is announced

The Chinese publisher and developer 4399 announced the closed beta testing of the global version of the 4x strategy Era of Conquest. Participants will be able to try the game in mid-July. By the way, this conditionally deposit strategy became a hit in China and occupied the first line in loading.

In the Era of Conquest, players have to take on the role of the fallen Lord, who wants to regain his former greatness. To do this, it is necessary to build your own empire and prudently control it, calling for historical legends, creating elite troops and forming unions. In PVP-plays, online players will be able to control their troops, while offline-soldiers will move and attack automatically. The developers promise large-scale battles in which up to 6,000 soldiers can participate, and the lack of the possibility of buying resources that help pumping.

The release of Era of Conquest will once take place this year on PC and mobile platforms Android and iOS.